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PowerCat 1.10 Protect

Backhand: Technical textile, Embossed latex, zipper compartment for finger and thumb spines.
Profile: Top level competition glove featuring the lightweight, flexible PUMA FINGER
PROTECTION system which protects the fingers from hyperextension by locking
at 180°. The revolutionary, patented thumb spine protects the thumb through its
full range of movement. All spines can be removed, allowing the goalkeeper to
customize the level of protection to their specific needs. The TWIN WRAP THUMB
and CONTROL WRAP TECHNOLOGY maximize the latex-to-ball contact areas without
uncomfortable seams and the ANATOMICALLY SPREAD tooling follows the hands
natural shape and contours for total comfort. The completely new developed GRIP
GILL FOAM, which is implemented on the backhand of the glove, improves extremely
the grip when punching the ball. The 4mm Ultimate Latex provides unrivalled grip in
all conditions. The bandage wrist and latex wrist strap with additional silicon straps
enables quick, easy and secure adjustments and provides additional wrist support.
Features: Steamlined cut, customized Puma Finger Protection & patented Thumb Protection,
Twin-Wrap thumb, Control Wrap outerhand, Grip Gill Foam, bandage wrist, silicon
wrist support strap
Sizes: 7 to 11

(exkl.moms: 800 SEK)
1000 SEK

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